The Kacip Fatimah drinks formulated by Power Root, contain minerals, vitamins and supplements, are suitable to be taken by people of all walks of life, including women and men as well as young and old. These drinks quench the thirst and is specially formulated to maintain good health. Kacip Fatimah or its scientific name Labisia Pumilia and Pathoina is a common herb found in the Malaysia Rainforest.

The Kacip Fatimah name which is associated with a well known classical lady gives its hidden characteristics and functions, specifically in women's health and spirit. It contains elements of antioxidant and phytoestrogen, where these two elements are known to provide goodness to both men and women in the prevention of the appearance of precancerous cells, in stabilizing tissues that need hormone estrogen in strengthening the bone structure through absorption of bone elements and in delaying aging process.

Kacip Fatimah is commonly eaten as appetizers by the Malay women folks and rarely eaten by men or children. The water decoction of Kacip Fatimah is usually consumed by women who is afflicted with leucorrhea (intense vaginal discharge) as well as to facilitate the delivery process and for managing diarrhea (loose motion) and flatulency. This does not mean that Kacip Fatimah cannot be taken by men or young adults because it is not known to have any side effects. Therefore drinks containing extract of Kacip Fatimah can be consumed without hesitation by both, men and women, young and old, without fear of untoward effects.


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